About Me

I love reading about new technologies and trying them out in personal projects.
Please take a look at some of my recent projects.

Personal projects

  • Mar 2022: Sharecation
    A project where I wanted to learn more about the modern tech stack with serverless functions and flutter.
    Language Flutter Language JavaScript Language Protobuf Language Cloudflare Workers https://github.com/SirCremefresh/sharecation

  • Mar 2021: server-updater
    A program to update my Ubuntu server and send me Discord notifications.
    Language Golang https://github.com/0xFEEDC0DE-dev/server-updater

  • Mar 2021: spa-server
    A tool that helps you create super small single binary dockerimages for your Single Page Application Web servers. Since it’s getting compiled on every user build, I wrote it in golang with no dependencies to minimize the binary build time to seconds.
    Language Golang Docker https://github.com/SirCremefresh/spa-server

  • Feb 2021: voting
    An online voting tool for a general assembly at the scout troop Sarnen where I am head of department.
    Language Rust Svelte https://github.com/SirCremefresh/voting website

  • Nov 2020: js-vm
    A small stack-based VM with an online editor and parser in pure javascript. I created this to learn more about stack-based VM’s. It is just a POC and has a very limited instruction set.
    Language JavaScript Language Nodejs https://github.com/SirCremefresh/js-vm online editor

  • Nov 2020: potato-video
    An online video streaming platform that lets you synchronize the stream with friends. It’s a fun way to hang out online with friends in the pandemic.
    Language Nodejs https://github.com/SirCremefresh/potato-video

  • Oct 2020: bmw12-image-updater
    A tool that updates the container image in the central chart repository. This was the final step in my home ci/cd pipeline.
    Language Nodejs Kubernetes https://github.com/SirCremefresh/bmw12-image-updater

  • Oct 2020: tekton-dockerhub-webhook
    A webserver that validates and parses Dockerhub build webhooks for an tekton EventListener. I used Dockerhub to build my private images because for 5 francs a month I got unlimited private images and builds without using my home internet connection. But then I needed a way to securely integrate the Dockerhub build into my cluster. So I created this.
    Language Nodejs Tekton Kubernetes https://github.com/SirCremefresh/tekton-dockerhub-webhook

  • Oct 2020: simple-postgresql-backup
    A script to backup the postgresql database in my cluster to s3 storage.
    Language Nodejs Kubernetes https://github.com/SirCremefresh/bmw12-simple-postgresql-backup

  • Jun 2020: gcp-dns-alias
    A program to Mimic the behaviour of heroku dns alias entries in Google Cloud. I needed this to create valid wildcard certificates for my home cluster to encrypt internal traffic.
    Language Golang Cloud Run https://github.com/SirCremefresh/gcp-dns-alias

  • Apr 2020: home kubernetes cluster
    A home kubernetes cluster. This is the cluster I use to try out new kubernetes projects and build out my ci/cd pipeline. It’s also the place where I host all of personal projects.
    Kubernetes Lots of other stuff https://github.com/SirCremefresh/bmw12-cluster

  • Apr 2020: Confchain finals project
    A tool that makes it easy for community managers to manage their budget and requests to go to conferences. It was my finals project in my apprentice as application developer which was awarded best of central switzerland. The business logic and state is implemented with ethereum smart-contracts. This allowed having a tamper-resistant history of where the money was spent.
    Angular Language Nodejs Solidity documentation ict newsletter